It starts with consumer and Market data… 

Successful retailers are smartly collecting and leveraging the data trail their shoppers leave each day.  But retail data is often overwhelming and without a strategy as to what to collect and how to consume it, data can be an expensive, unused asset.


..with a focus on How the shopper actually shops

As shoppers become familiar with physical stores and retail websites, neuroscience tells us that shoppers rely predominantly on habit and their subconscious mind to do the heavy lifting.  Whether we embrace inherent shopper behavior or attempt to disrupt it has a measurable impact on sales, profits and the retailer’s ability to create return trips. 


..that become the catalyst for Breakthrough results

Breakthrough results only occur when the consumer, retailer and suppliers all benefit.  MHC understands the priorities of each stakeholder and offers solutions that show up where it counts the most…with increased sales, profits, and an improved shopper experience.  



 Key Areas of MHC Expertise Provide Retailers and Their Brand Partners Actionable Business Intelligence in the Context of the Brand-Retailer-Shopper Ecosystem 


Store layout and Product placement assessment


Media audit and Assessment




market positioning Guidance



Shopper Loyalty Strategies






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